SDLF is supporting marginilized individuals, groups and communities through leaderships, partnership with Sindh Green Welfare Clinics in Karachi and Dadu, we provide 24 hour through online support, We have COVID-19 relief drugs including WHO (World Health Organization) approved drugs.

She highly support drug policy reforms and policy making against repressive drug policies, she is working in field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Life Skills Based Education, Trainings, Leadership, She is among the founders of “SDLF”

SDLF supported International campaign “Support Don’t Punish” on Drug Users.

SDLF believe from Marginalization to Leadership with beyond the boarders!

We are founded on March, 2, 2016 in communication, Our founders strongly believe in deserving candidates, we are striving for COVID-19 crises, In what we believe is Science, Social, Cultural, Political, Economical, Researched, Writer, Artist , Religious, Leadership; and the crises, we are facing very critical,

“Thank you so much for your passion, We are at this time front-line worker in various, cities, villages and towns around world”

Sindh Green Human Rights Schools are supporting children who are drug user on streets, we support by wider, loud, broaden human rights perspective; in less privileged, undeveloped, uneducated, HIV positive, COVID-19 survivors and marginalized children. We have two schools, both are under process of registration by Government of Sindh, Pakistan.

Sarmad David Legacy Fund is supporting during COVID-19 pandemic for marginalized and less privileged individuals and communities!

Ms. Umar Rasool and Mr. Sarmad Ali

We are young leaders of hope, SDLF is providing counselling and awareness for global development, we encourage marginalize communities!

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